In order to meet clients’ needs and requirements, some information describing the project in question will be necessary. Examples of relevant information include other piping specifications and descriptions, line media and current pipe conditions.

Installation Pre-Planning

The dimensions of the Quickflange tools need to be verified by the client. This secures the necessary space for appropriate rigging and lifting devices if applicable. HSE Material Data Sheets need to be approved for the project as well as suitable cutting and testing equipment being made available for the operation.

The main purpose of the client’s pre-information is to make sure installation work can be performed according to safety, health and environment requirements. Pre-planning also confirms the suitability of the product to the application, prior to mobilisation.

Certified Personnel

The installation must  be performed by certified personnel according to Quickflange’s own certification procedures. Personnel must hold a valid certificate which is issued after successful completion of the training course.

Most of our clients have trained their own personnel to install the Quickflange systems. However, Quickflange technicians also offer highly qualified personnel, if necessary.

Please contact your nearest Quickflange office for more information about certified personnel or training.


Evy Maffini

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