Quickflange tools are provided on a rental basis, a flexible and cost-effective alternative to buying and maintaining such tools.

Mobilisation for weldless connections

Refurbished, tested and correctly configured before every mobilisation, the Quickflange tools are ready for use on all specified applications. Interchangeable components can also be supplied to cover a range of pipe sizes and different wall thicknesses. Hydraulic packs which suit all tools are also provided, with manual and air-driven pumps available. Pressure testing equipment to verify the correct activation of the Quickflanges is also available to rent, as are pipe cutting tools and flange bolting equipment.

A complete pipe repair system

Quickflange equipment is shipped to site in specially designed peli cases – a convenient and safe way of transporting equipment to and around the work site .  Shipments include all the required Quickflange equipment, as well as any hand tools, measuring devices and chemicals necessary to prepare the pipe. Everything in fact to complete the job.

Training for high quality pipeline connections

Training in the maintenance and configuration of Quickflange tooling is part of all standard installation training courses. However, this element of the training package can be enhanced for any customer wishing to retain the equipment over an extended period. Whilst use and maintenance of the tools is a straightforward and simple process, Quickflange operates the course and competency assessments to a high degree of professionalism with the aim of ensuring that all trainees are confident in using the equipment safely, and achieving high quality results.

Charging structures for rent

Day rates: Short duration rentals
Period rates: Extended rental durations, including discounts against standard day rates
Project rates: Discounted fixed price rental rates providing the tools for length of project
Long term Low rental rate: Over a period of one year or beyond


Evy Maffini

Role: Key Account Manager Phone: +47 919 90 338