Integrity monitoring solutions

In order to maximise productivity, your facilities and equipment need to be maintained regularly.
Our integrity monitoring solutions help maintain your assets to ensure productivity, reliability and safety

Corrosion Monitoring

As offshore assets approach and exceed their design life, they become susceptible to hydrocarbon leaks and failures due to corrosion issues.

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Oilfield Microbiology

Microbiological fouling in oil and gas production systems can result in significant financial loss and plant down time if not monitored and remediated efficiently.

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As offshore assets mature and producing hydrocarbon fields age associated process systems such as pipework, vessels and separators can be affected by sand production, scaling issues and corrosion under insulation (CUI).

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Optical Gas Detection

Gas emissions represent a significant liability for companies in the form of cost, safety, and potential environmental contamination.

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Chemical Monitoring

Chemical performance evaluation Are you dosing enough chemical? Are you dosing too much chemical? Are your injection quills appropriate and in good condition?

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Sand Monitoring

Solids production is an ever increasing issue for the upstream oil and gas industry. If left unchecked sand/solids will cause major flow assurance problems and significant damage to production systems.

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