Chemical Monitoring

Chemical performance evaluation Are you dosing enough chemical? Are you dosing too much chemical? Are your injection quills appropriate and in good condition? Do you have systems in place to monitor chemical performance effectively?

NECE provide independent testing of chemical performance in the field with a range on intrusive monitoring equipment and provide monitoring solutions to evaluate corrosion inhibitors and oxygen scavengers under live operation conditions.

Dissolved oxygen monitoring

  • Comprehensive oxygen audits to ensure oxygen levels are under control
  • Optimisation and effectiveness of oxygen scavenger
  • Detecting leaks within the systems which are resulting in oxygen ingress
  • Calibration of onboard oxygen analysers

Corrosion inhibitor evaluation

  • Third-party verification of chemical performance
  • Optimisation of chemical rates
  • Supply and servicing of injection quills, nozzles and instrumentation tubing
  • Recommending and supplying equipment for chemical performance monitoring
  • Evaluation of incumbent products following process fluid changes
  • Comparative trials (new chemicals versus incumbent)

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