As offshore assets approach and exceed their design life, they become susceptible to hydrocarbon leaks and failures due to corrosion issues.

NECE is an industry leading corrosion monitoring specialist with technology and expertise to effectively service all corrosion monitoring systems on the market and optimise their performance. Our specialist teams inspect corrosion monitoring access fittings and retrofit critical parts to maintain reliability, improve asset integrity, and ensure compliance with HSE standards.

NECE have the in-house capabilities and facilities to provide all customers with a full corrosion monitoring scope as required. This includes:

  • Online and offline corrosion probe and coupon surveys
  • Commissioning, installation and maintenance of corrosion monitoring systems
  • Routine integrity checks and evaluations
  • Weight loss coupon analysis & data analysis (all probe systems on the market)
  • Technical consultancy and reporting
  • Delivery of corrosion monitoring strategies
  • Equipment and product supply
  • Project management and coordination
  • Evaluation, inspection and servicing of chemical injection equipment

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