Sand Monitoring

Solids production is an ever increasing issue for the upstream oil and gas industry. If left unchecked sand/solids will cause major flow assurance problems and significant damage to production systems. Downhole sand exclusion measures are often limited in their effectiveness and thus experience confirms that it is prudent to have suitable sand/solids monitoring in place.

ICR Norway offer a comprehensive sand monitoring package which is designed to:

  • Enhance production
  • Minimise down time & unplanned shut-ins
  • Ensure compliance with local legislation and industry best practice
  • Recommending and supplying equipment for chemical performance monitoring
  • Reduce operating costs

This is achieved by:

  • Devising tailored strategies to match client requirements
  • Conducting dynamic sand risk evaluations
  • Evaluating process systems and operating procedures

This is maintained and monitored with:

  • Routine data acquisition and management
  • Supply, commissioning and maintenance of detection technology (Acoustic and Intrusive)
  • Refurbishment and retrofitting of existing systems
  • Deployment of portable monitoring systems
  • Thermographic surveys of production systems (vessels, separators etc.)
  • Synergistic corrosion strategies (Combined with MIC, corrosion, chemical monitoring)
  • Comprehensive reporting and data trending

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