As offshore assets mature and producing hydrocarbon fields age associated process systems such as pipework, vessels and separators can be affected by sand production, scaling issues and corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Thermography is a non-intrusive inspection technique which allows:

  • Accurate and efficient detection of scale, sand and sediment in critical process systems
  • Accurate assessment of efficiency of sand removal systems in production vessels
  • Flow assurance, identification of blockages and other issues affecting production
  • Detection of areas of saturated insulation and subsequent potential for CUI allowing targeted inspection and reducing need for removal of large sections of insulation

NECE provide in-house expertise, high specification equipment and comprehensive reporting.

NECE survey vessels and map the sediment levels to allow:

  • Cleaning exercises to be planned and accurately budgeted (resources and time)
  • A third-party audit / verification of vessel internals
  • Reduction in flow assurance related issues
  • Monitor effectiveness of sand removal equipment

Flow Assurance / Scale
Blockages and restrictions in production systems can present an expensive problem for our clients. NECE can survey all process pipework and production systems to allow:

  • Identification of areas of internal scale build-up within critical production systems
  • Locate blockages or areas of reduced flow caused by deposited sand, sediment or scale

Corrosion Under Insulation
Caused by moisture/water ingress underneath pipework insulation. Corrosion and humidity lead to a change in the insulation value, visible on the thermal image this technique allows:

  • Quick scanning of large sections of pipework.
  • Identifies areas of moisture/water ingress where CUI could potentially form.
  • Allows targeted inspections and reduces requirement to strip large sections of pipework (potentially reducing TAR work scopes).

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